Videos for Kids

Videos for Kids

Welcome to Storytime with Annie & Rocco where you will find fun videos for kids featuring animated picture books, puppetry and catchy, original tunes.

As a homeschooling mother of two young boys, I have first hand experience with temper tantrums, outbursts of defiance, struggles with self-esteem and questionable decision making!

My source of relief?

Utilizing my passion for education, music and video production to teach my children emotional regulation.

Shortly after production began, I shared our videos with family and friends and since then, our amazing community of parents and educators has grown in so many amazing ways.

Some of our popular videos for kids include resources for emotional development: “Feelings,” “Don’t Cry” “Look At Me (Self-Esteem Song),” and “Don’t Be A Bully.”  We’ve also released our first album “Feelings” available for download and streaming.

Our growing library of videos meets the educational demands of my children and also includes videos for early science, phonicsmath, toddler sing-alongs and read-alouds.

As my children grow older, our content follows suit, and we continually address some of the challenges that parents and children face together.

I would love to hear from you and learn about the challenges and adventures that you experience in your journey of raising and educating children.  Please feel free to visit our Contact page to get in touch and also visit our  YouTube Kids channel and subscribe!

I truly feel so lucky to have found a creative outlet that helps me on my parenting and education journey and I hope that you will find our videos and resources useful on your own!  Thank you for visiting!

xo Janet Coco

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Janet Coco is a musician and homeschooler of two amazing boys. Creating educational content for kids with a strong focus on social emotional development, featuring original music, animated picture books and puppetry, is part of the family’s educational journey.

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